Winter Driving Tips in our Neck of the Woods 1/3

December 23, 2017


Winter Driving Tips
Do your part to keep our highways safe this winter and make it easier for maintenance crews to clear away snow and ice as quickly and efficiently as possible. Plan ahead and drive according to the conditions.

• Winterize your vehicles. This should include an examination of the spare tire, battery, belts, hoses, anti-freeze, tires, brakes, heater, defroster and windshield wipers.

• Carry an emergency road kit in your vehicle’s trunk or cargo space.

• Clear all snow and ice completely off windows, side view mirrors, headlights, taillights and licence plates.

• Buckle up and adjust head restraints. The centre of your head restraint should be even with the top of your ears.

• Try to keep your vehicle’s fuel tank more than half full. The extra volume can help reduce moisture problems in your fuel system and it adds extra weight to your vehicle. A topped-up gas tank will also be an asset if you become stranded.