What to do When Someone Goes Missing

February 11, 2018

Missing Persons

Currently, the Edmonton Police Service receives approximately 1500 reports of missing persons per year. We recognize the need to investigate missing persons reports in an efficient and effective manner.Prior to reporting a missing person the following steps must be completed.

  • check area hospitals
  • check with friends, acquaintances and family members
  • check with school and/or employer
  • check places that the person frequents

The primary question when determining if a person is missing or not is: Is this out of character for this individual?

To ensure all cases are handled appropriately and ensure the continuity of the risk assessment, all missing persons must be reported to your local police.

Each case will then involve a risk assessment where a series of questions will identify the nature and urgency of the missing persons case. If the person is deemed missing and depending on the urgency, a police member will be dispatched or the file will then be forwarded to Missing Persons Unit where the case will be further investigated.

Please note, inquiries through email cannot be submitted for investigations nor will Missing Persons Unit search for long lost relatives.

from Edmonton Police website: http://www.edmontonpolice.ca/CrimePrevention/PersonalFamilySafety/MissingPersons.aspx