“Trace” Pen- Catching On To Catch Thieves


“Trace” Pen- Catching On To Catch Thieves
The small anti-theft device known as the “Trace” pen is an innovative way to catch a thief. As reported by Q99 News, more and more people are turning to this new technology to mark their personal items to deter or catch would-be thieves. Once you purchase a “Trace” pen, you open it, mark up to 50 of your belongings, make a list of what and where you marked items, then register your pen online at traceidentified.com – it’s that simple. If you have the misfortune of having one of those items go missing, be sure to tell RCMP you have it marked so when it turns up, it can be returned to you. This microdot technology can also help law enforcement make convictions when criminals are caught by proving they are in possession of someone else’s belongings. Often you can avoid being a target of thieves in the first place just by making it known with signage that you are using the “Trace” pen to identify your property.
The following are ways in which to purchase a “Trace” pen:
Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association– Membership allows for a slight discount but bulk orders may also be entitled to discounts so please, encourage family, friends and neighborhoods to order with you!
“Trace” pen site- traceidentified.com
Home Hardware stores- where available