Crime Prevention Week

May 13, 2019


This week is Crime Prevention Week so to mark the occasion GPDRCW is doing a website blitz. We are adding an article on Crime Prevention every day of the week. The first article is on Crime Watch and how reporting incidents helps the community and the RCMP.

The information we fan out comes from one of two sources each time – the members phone in or the RCMP puts out a press release that generates a call. The call is set up with Dial My Calls and can be sent immediately or be set for any time in the future.

Crime prevention is being aware of your surroundings — making sure you lock up and take keys out of vehicles, watch out for your neighbours – know what they drive and when they may be away.

Watch vehicles in your area that do not belong. If there is someone where they should not be, record and report. If there is a crime in progress, call the RCMP. If it is something that is suspicious, call crime watch. We can get the word out so members can watch for that vehicle or person. We may even tell you to phone the RCMP. If it is a second opinion you want, call crime watch – that is what we do.

Over the past years we have given out many ideas on how to prevent crime. Now would be a good time to run over a few of those ideas.

  • Put up your crime watch member sign
  • Have gates on your driveway
  • Have security cameras and even contract a security company to monitor you place
  • Be involved in the community, know your neighbors. Exchange phone numbers so you know where to call if you spot something suspicious in their yard
  • Use products like Trace to mark your personal items so they can then be identified if they should be stolen. This is a great deterrent because thieves do not want to be caught with marked items
  • When you spot something suspicious call 780 831 4390 (G.P. District Rural Crime Watch) or 780 830 9701 (RCMP)

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