Spirit River RCMP and Landowner Team up to Nab Thief! Rural Crime Watch Works!!

December 22, 2017

The Mountie Minute

By Sergeant Ryan Frost of the Spirit River RCMP Detachment

I have written many times over the past year and half that effectively policing the Central Peace requires a team effort from everyone in the community and cannot be accomplished solely by the five members of the Spirit River Detachment. This last week I witnessed a perfect example of how this is true and how when it is put into practice, the policing of the Central Peace is very effectively handled. Earlier this month, a landowner was reviewing the video surveillance that he had installed at his farm property, when he observed that an unknown male and pickup truck had been on his property a couple of days earlier. While it is impossible to expect that police, and even community members, can keep watch on every property across this vast Detachment area at all times, the use of video and/or trail camera surveillance goes a long way in assisting with bringing those who commit crimes on rural properties to justice. ln the case at hand, the landowner was able to provide a clear picture of the male suspect from his video surveillance, which only a few days later led to the arrest of the suspect. Although no theft occurred on the date of the initial observations, the male suspect is alleged to have cut a lock and appeared to be completing an inventory of the property, possibly to commit a future theft. With the use of the landowner’s surveillance video, Kevin Paisley from Grimshaw, Alberta has been charged with one count of Mischief to Property under the Criminal Code and one count of Unlawfully Entering Land under the Petty Trespass Act. Paisley is set to appear at Grande Prairie Court on December 4th to answer to these charges. Another topic of community involvement that I would like to address this week is that Constable Kirk Cox is currently working to coordinate the redevelopment of the Rural Crime Watch program within the Detachment area. Early next month, Cst. Cox will be meeting with representatives of the Provincial Rural Crime Watch organization, as well as community members who have expressed a desire to assist with the development and rollout of this program. Our initial plan is to develop the program starting in Rycroft where we can fine tune the rollout and ensure that we build an effective and efficient Rural Crime Watch program template before introducing the program to other areas of the Central Peace in 2018. lf you are interested in becoming a part of the Rural Crime Watch program in the future, please contact the Spirit River Detachment at 780-864-3525 to provide your contact details. I am in the process of obtaining a specific email address for the Rural Crime Watch program and will share this with you at a later date when it comes online. ln the interim, please continue to watch out for your neighbours and report suspicious activity to the RCMP either through 9L1 in an immediate emergency or through our non-urgent complaint line at 780-864-3533.