Keeping Property and Premises Secure

May 16, 2017

Keeping Property and Premises Secure


(Contributed by Cpl. Christina WILKINS of the County of Grande Prairie RCMP for Crime Prevention Week)

Crime prevention is multi-faceted and can encompass a variety of stakeholders and concepts. In its most basic form, however crime prevention starts with each individual resident, and thus anyone can take an active role in promoting safe communities. Property crime in particular is often a contentious issue as the individual often feels powerless to address it. The following will serve as a gentle reminder of what we can all do in contributing to property crime prevention.

Property crime is often related to premises, or vehicles, left unattended and unsecured. In most cases these incidents could have been avoided. For the majority of residents a feeling of security is found in the safety of their homes and the following tips are useful for protecting various different property.

Home Security

  • Conduct a security check of your home to determine possible entry points and any weaknesses it may have.
  • Keep all entrances and any out-buildings well-lit and clear of concealing greenery.
  • Do not leave telltale signs that you are away for any extended period of time.
  • Install good locks and use them, even if you are home. Keep windows and doors (including garage doors) locked and properly secured.
  • Keep valuables and money out of sight and secured. This includes properly storing keys to other properties or vehicles.

Vehicle Security

  • Vehicles include all modes of transportation such as automobiles, commercial vehicles, bicycles, recreational vehicles and trailers. Lock and properly secure any vehicle and store the keys in a safe place away from the vehicle.
  • Never leave valuables in your vehicle, especially not in plain-sight.
  • Consider investing in a theft-deterrent system and remember to use it.
  • Keep your registration and insurance papers secure.
  • Never leave your vehicle running with the keys in the ignition and unattended.

Mark items of valuable for identification and ensure to accurately record and store identification/serial numbers. This would apply to any number of items including recreational vehicles, bicycles, and electronics, among others.

Every effort made by individual residents to reasonably protect their property is a step in the right direction. Personal and public safety is everyone’s responsibility – play an active role in crime prevention!