December 16, 2016

The directors and their families would like to wish you and your families a
safe and happy holiday season. We have taken the liberty of making a list to
Santa on your behalf, it reads like this:

Dear Santa,

Please protect all of our neighbour’s homes while they are away for the
If you could have your elves clear the snow from their driveways and
sidewalks, that would be great.
While you are at it, if you wouldn’t mind to check in on their homes and
turn on a different light now and then, that would help to deter the
If you could have a look around and make sure all their valuables are placed
out of sight and most importantly that their firearms are locked up when
you’re doing your naughty and nice check in, that would also be great.
I know you’re awfully busy Santa but if you could install alarms in the
outbuildings, that even the neighbours could hear. We know those families in
the subdivisions, we would appreciate it.
When you do bring gifts, could you place them out of site! We don’t really
want everyone to see all those goodies! We know what you’re thinking Santa
and yes, we’ll do our part, we’ll get rid of any boxes so no one sees what
new things we got….just in case you bring that 50″ TV we’re hoping for!
If they are travelling, we want them to know their neighbours will look
after everything they worked hard for.
Most of all Santa, we just want everyone safe this year, and to enjoy the
Holiday Christmas Season and can truly have some cheer.

Season Greetings,
Grande Prairie & District Rural Crime Watch Association