Do You Have a Generator? If So, Read This

September 2, 2017

Grande Prairie RCMP Investigate Stolen Generators


Grande Prairie, Alberta –Since June 1, 2017, the Grande Prairie Municipal and Rural RCMP have received nearly 50 complaints in regards to stolen generators.  In many of the complaints, the generators have been taken from the boxes of pickups.


The RCMP would like to encourage the public to take preventative measures against the theft of their property, such as:


  • If possible, put the generator in an area that would make the theft very physically awkward to commit.
  • Park vehicles or equipment in a manner that blocks would be thieves from removing the generator without serious effort.
  • Use Chains and padlocks. Chain the generator to another piece of equipment, preferably something that is large and cumbersome.
  • Buy insurance, take photos, and write down serial numbers.