Crime Prevention Week- Trace Pens

May 15, 2017

In recognition of Crime Prevention Week we will be running different crime prevention articles each day so be sure to check back.

To start off the week, we would like to remind you of the advantages of marking your valuables with the Trace Pen.

Trace Pens are available from Grande Prairie District Rural Crime Watch Association directors for just $35.00 or $32.00 if you buy 10 or more.

Trace Pens are a  great way to not only mark your valuables but a way to ensure the thief is convicted when caught with what can then be proven to be someone else’s property. Trace Pens are capable of marking approximately 25-30 items, depending on how large of a microdot you make and how many markings you intend to put on the item. Be sure to buy enough to mark all of your valuables from cameras to fuel tanks. Great for marking farm related equipment, oilfield equipment, batteries, pipe and the possibilities are endless!

For More information or to register your pen, visit