Buying A Used Vehicle? Do Your Homework.

Buying A Used Vehicle? Do Your Homework.

Used vehicles are bought and sold daily but we never really think about the consequences of the what if….until it happens to us.

One couple recently purchased a vintage Camero that was not in running order when they bought it. They paid thousands for it though, knowing it’s value when the restoration would be complete. The couple insured the car while the body shop restored it and when the tens of thousands of dollars worth of work was done, they went to register it. That was when they discovered it was on the stolen list. After much investigation, money and heartache, the couple finally owns the beautifully restored Camero but a hard lesson was learned. Even when a vehicle has not been driven, registered and insured for years like this one was, it is still a good idea to run a check before buying a used vehicle.

There are a number of services offered for doing a vehicle check:

Checking for a stolen vehicle can be done here – Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)

Carproof– gives you accident/ insurance records and registration history

Carfax– can tell you if vehicle is stolen, rebuilt or salvaged

AMA– Searches available, above as well as lien and Alberta Vehicle Information Report

Service Alberta– Government site with many links to helpful sites and tips on buying used vehicles