Battery Theft

April 11, 2018

Battery theft is a problem in our area.

Here are three effective and simple ways to decrease the likelihood of battery theft:

  1. Location. Batteries that are not accessible are much more difficult to steal. Often thieves will move on to easier targets if stealing yours presents too much of a challenge. Always park inside when it is an option, but if not see the next suggestion…
  2. Visibility. A thief will be drawn towards a target that is hidden from traffic or the view of dwellings, as well as a target that is not well-lit. Ensure your vehicle is parked in a well-lit area and also in location where you can see it (also your neighbors line-of-site as well, the more eyes the better).
  3. Join your local Crime Watch or Neighborhood Watch program…people who are connected to and know their neighbors are often able to stop suspicious activity from escalating to crime, and when crime does happen, areas with an active neighborhood are much more likely to catch offenders after the fact (and recover stolen property).


Three additional things:

  • GPCrime Watch sells Trace Pens…a special marker that puts an nearly undetectable identifying chip on property. Please contact us for more information.
  • ALWAYS REPORT EVERY CRIME, INCLUDING EVERY THEFT, NO MATTER HOW UNIMPORTANT IT SEEMS. When crime goes unreported, police are not able to observe patterns or allocate their resources to where they are needed effectively.
  • There has been incidences of people had their battery stolen….more than once. The culprit steals a battery and then knowing the owner likely replaced the battery with a new one (and therefore thinking it would be a one-time event) returns again within a couple of weeks and steals the new battery.